Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Planters! I need some feedback!

Hey I just made these new recycled planters out of reclaimed Jagermiester bottles. They have two 1 1/2 inch holes drilled into the side that fit a small succulent or herbs. I am calling them "Garden Parties!"

I am looking for some feedback on what a good price for this item would be. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Leave a comment on this post or visit my store and leave a convo.

Thanks so much!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

TBSCreations created her First Treasury!

Hi Everyone! I snagged my FIRST ever treasury! I am so excited.
I wanted to share with everyone. Here is the link:

Please click on it, feel free to comment.
NOW i just need to figure out how to copy the page and add it to my blog and to this one.
My personal blog is

Everyone have a good weekend.


Rewined Recycled Glassware @ Salute! Wine Festival

Rewined Recycled Glassware will be at the 'Salute! Wine Festival' in downtown Winston-Salem Saturday May 9th. It's going to be a great time, come join us if you can!

This picture is from the Great Grapes wine festival we did last month in Cary, NC. The Rewined Recycled Glassware banner was done by my friend Anne at Red Canary a digital fabric printing company.

The fine ladies helping me out are Justi from witchhazelhandmades and Katie from the Green Bean. Thanks so much for your help!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tagging: Getting found on Etsy

One of the complaints I hear often from sellers is that it is so hard to be found on etsy. I agree that there is a TON of stuff on there and it is sometimes hard to stand out in a crowd, BUT there are some simple things you can do to maximize your chances of being found. The very first and easiest is to be a good TAGGER. You get 14 tags on each of your items and if you are not using them all then you are not being a good tagger. Check out this article on Etsy containing great tagging tips. I include things like " mom, dad, wedding, housewarming, green, eco chic, etc, etc" I try to put myself in a shoppers shoes. Check out this item of mine and the tags I put on it for ideas.

Etsy also tries to do lots of promotions. Often to participate all you have to do is tag your item with a specific tag. For instance, Etsy wanted to feature earth friendly products and asked sellers who were interested in participating to tag their item with 'earth tones'. This increases your likelyhood of your stuff getting seen by the etsy admin's and featured in an 'etsy finds' email. (By the way, I was featured in one and got over 3,500 unique visitors to my shop in one day!!!)
These promotions can often be found in the storque. Glance through it now and again to see if there is something your items fit with.

Happy Tagging!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello All!

Just wanted to say hello and share a few words as I continue to negotiate trying to support myself as an artist in North Carolina.

I talked to a friend who wanted to join the art show and sale in Salisbury (Art on Easy Street) but was held back by their insistance on a state sales tax number. All you have to do is register on line for one. They send you a booklet which you send in the money four times a year. no big deal. Much better to be legal than to be hauled in later.

Also I decided to apply for a peddlers license in case I want to do some "gorilla selling". When I phoned the city told me it would be fifty dollars. but by the time I went down there in person it kept going down. The licenses from the city last not a year from when you buy them but for the city's fiscal year. And since it is close to the end they prorated it and only charged me $12.50. On the phone the woman told me it would be fifty bucks. Thought you guys should know.

Also we were talking about where to get good table display stuff and wrapping things and ect. I use A & B Store Fixtures Inc they are on Swing Court which is off of Swing Road which is off West Market by the Airport. Of course we also mentioned if it's Paper and the good ol Dollar Store!

A few other webbie things I use a lot are: this is a free site that lets you load photos and hold them for shows that use on line applications for art shows.

also this is a free service, but for a small fee, fourty bucks, you will get more info and it will keep listings you are interested in as a live list.

also this is a free thing. she has a couple of things she soft sells but the web thing is free and the groups are free to join and very nice and friendly. I have asked questions and had them all answered very nicely and completely. groups for jewelry glass, potters and purse people! yeah!

Ok this was more than I intended to write but I hope it is useful to someone. I really enjoy meeting everyone and learn someting everytime I talk to you guys. Thanks! - Robin